1-bumble-bee-on-the-sunflower-picjumbo-comWhat is Raw Enzymes Honey…

At NATURALfoodLAB we qualify our Raw Enzymes HONEY based on 3 simple criteria as below :

1.   100% REAL

      100% of real pure goodness straight from the hives.

2.   Fully Unprocessed

      no heating and no ultra filtration thus ensuring that each jar contains live active enzymes, bio-organic compounds, vitamins, minerals and phyto-factors.

3.   WILD

      sourced from the lush wild tropical rainforest of Malaysia.

Our Raw Enzymes HONEY, 100% real and fully unprocessed… just the way the BEEs intended it.

Shelf Life

Real honey last FOREVER!

How does 100% Real, Fully Unprocessed, Wild HONEY help us…
  • Enhance beauty and youthfulness

smoothens skin, removes blemishes, shrink facial pores, lightens pigmentation.

  • Promotes good digestive function

living honey literally restores the fauna of our gut and helps in promoting good digestive function

  • Constipation

it’s a natural gentle yet powerful laxative that helps daily bowel movements

  • Maintains good health and vitality

effective for  both men and women in boosting their vitality

  • Promotes good respiratory function

clears respiratory tract of phlegm and irritation (especially for smokers)

  • Regulate blood sugar

100% pure wild honey is the ideal natural replacement for sugar even for diabetics plus it’s packed with all natural nutrition

  • Regulates blood pressure

research have shown that it helps in regulating blood pressure

  • Gastrointestinal problems

unprocessed honey promotes gastrointestinal ulcer healing

  • Treatment of allergies

contains powerful cleansing properties that clears up a host of allergies

  • Sorethroat and coughs

a traditional cure that is very effective for sore throats, coughs and throat irritations

  • Wound dressing

effective cure on open wounds and cuts due to its powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial and antitoxin properties.

  • Natural and complete all round nutrition

its packed with natural antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates and phyto factors.

  • Helps restful sleep

a cup of warm honey at night half an hour before sleep helps provide a restful sleep

In short, Honey is the modern day superfood rediscovered from ancient times.


Bee’s Carrier (B35)
Raw Enzymes HONEY J600
Raw Enzymes HONEY (J600)

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