Real Honey don’t attract ants ??
Ants don’t take honey ??


Ants will eat anything that is nutritious and in its natural state be it with or without sugar.

For example ants are attracted to distilled water and they will even consume dead animals like lizard or even coconut skins after the water has been emptied.

Why then are ants staying away from certain types of honey?

Keyword being NATURAL.

For ants to eat anything it first has to be of nutritional value to them and secondly it has to be natural.

Did you all notice nowadays that the fruits seller stalls does not attract flies and bees let alone ants?

Did you all notice that most fish stalls in the market does not attract flies like in the old days?

Well, these creatures are cleverer than us and they will not touch anything that’s been laced with chemicals or anything artificial/synthetic.

In cases of food, chemically produced preservatives are commonly used nowadays for reason of effectiveness and cost without much regard of its side effects to humans.

Most processed or value added food today contains fillers which provides no additional benefit to the food itself. It’s purpose is merely to bulk up the food and hence increase profit margin. In the case of honey the most common replacement for bulking up is synthetic sugar!
No, not plain white processed sugar but synthetic sugar for pure simple reason of cost and ease of use.

What is a good honey?

For a honey to be considered good and beneficial to us it has to satisfy 3 important criteria :
1.    Wild
2.    Fully unprocessed (no heating up and ultra filtration)
3.    100% real unadulterated

Honey is the only food that last forever in its natural state without the need for any value add.

So the next time you hear of someone sharing a piece of supposed good advise that pure honey does not attract ants kindly correct them.

Shared by foodies @ NATURALfoodLAB

Please share this and correct the injustice done to the hard work of the bees who work tirelessly so we can have good delicious honey.