2017 Prosperity Gift Set

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In conjunction with the lunar new year of 2017, NATURALfoodLAB would love to present our Prosperity Gift Set specially for our loyal customers.


Prosperity Gift Set RM228 consists of :
  • 1 jar Raw Enzymes Honey (600gm @RM218)
  • 1 Raw Enzymes HONEY Bee’s Carrier (35gm @RM18)
  • 1 Raw Enzymes HONEY Bee’s Specially for You (35gm @RM18)
  • 1 Homemade Prosperity Noodle (@RM6)
  • 1 multi purpose CNY Coaster Tray* – can be laid out as a decorative table coaster or can be folded up to be used as a serving basket
  • Our complimentary Angpao worth of RM16.80 credit rebate**
multi purpose CNY Coaster Tray
CNY motif in auspicious red
* our multi purpose CNY Coaster Tray comes in a variety of patterns and motifs. Each gift set’s motif will be randomly picked in auspicious red for a super ‘ONG’ year of rooster.
** To be redeemed in your next online purchase at www.naturalfoodlab.com. Terms & conditions applies.

We can send on behalf to your loved one, relative & friends or in other states of Malaysia 🎁 with your warm greeting notes.

We are open for orders now. Our first despatch will be starting from 9th Jan 2017 onwards to make sure our products are freshly packed.

Due to the nature of our product being sensitive to heat, we will only ship out between Monday-Thurday, within our promotion period, 9th-25th Jan 2017. Last order is 25th Jan 2017, 3.30pm.

Kindly contact us for any enquiries on the shipping schedule.

Shelf life

Real honey last forever!

Homemade Prosperity Noodle is packed without preservative and vacuum sealed. This batch is packed on 4th Jan 2017 and it is good to keep within 3 month.

How is our products DIFFERENT…

Well, after harvesting it from the wild rainforest of Malaysia, we make sure you’re getting it the way the bees intended it…

100% Real, Wild & Unprocessed ♥

Firstly, our honey does not go through any value added heating beyond their normal hive temperature. This ensuring that each jar contains live active enzymes, bio-organic compounds, vitamins, minerals and phyto-factors.

Secondly, the unheated honey is passed through a normal coarse filter to bring out its natural golden amber without removing any of its beneficial properties like propolis.

Shares together, our homemade prosperity noodle is made from the simplest of ingredients consisting of wheat flour, salt, water & loads of patience and hard work

This age old recipe is believed to be thousands of years old. It is healthy and the noodles can be used in a variety of serving styles ranging from dry to soup and stir fry to be served during this festive session.

How will 100% Pure, Fully Unprocessed, Wild HONEY help us…

  • Enhance beauty and youthfulness

smoothens skin, removes blemishes, shrink facial pores, lightens pigmentation.

  • Promotes good digestive function

living honey literally restores the fauna of our gut and helps in promoting good digestive function

  • Constipation

it’s a natural gentle yet powerful laxative that helps daily bowel movements

  • Maintains good health and vitality

effective for  both men and women in boosting their vitality

  • Promotes good respiratory function

clears respiratory tract of phlegm and irritation (especially for smokers)

  • Regulate blood sugar

100% pure wild honey is an ideal natural replacement for sugar even for diabetics

  • Regulates blood pressure

research have shown that it helps in regulating blood pressure

  • Gastrointestinal problems

unprocessed honey promotes gastrointestinal ulcer healing

  • Treatment of allergies

contains powerful cleansing properties that clears up a host of allergies

  • Sore throat and coughs

a traditional cure that is very effective for sore throats, coughs and throat irritations

  • Wound dressing

effective cure on open wounds and cuts due to its powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial and antitoxin properties.

  • Natural supplement

its packed with natural antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates and phyto factors.

  • Helps restful sleep

a cup of warm honey at night half an hour before sleep helps provide a restful sleep

In short, Honey is the modern day superfood rediscovered from ancient times.

Promotions ends by 5.00pm, 25th January 2017.